My Roots

All my life, I have been drawn to a healthy lifestyle. I have used natural remedies, herbal medicines, alternative care and whole foods at each step along the way to as a first line of defense against sickness and dis-ease. I am a licensed massage therapist, whole foods chef, and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who believes that we can live a life full of health and happiness by making small adjustments to our daily living. I am also a mom to 4 amazing kids who inspire me everyday to keep sifting through the sea of information and find out what works.

I come from a long line of healers. There are tales of tea leaf readings, palm healing and use of herbal remedies throughout my family. More than that, I connect with the sort of wild woman archetype that has definitely been passed on through generations. My Mother’s Mother was practicing reiki and reflexology when I was a little girl, and I remember her doing astrological charts for friends and reading the palms of anyone who came to see her. My Mother continued with this and explored further the study of herbal remedies, reflexology, organic foods and hand made herbal body care products from toothpaste to shaving cream to bath oil to hairspray.

I grew up in the garden and learned to cook at a really young age. I was always in love with the fact that I could run outside and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables to feed our family. My fondest memories of childhood are in the beautiful gardens my Mother designed and spent hours teaching me how to understand plants. When I was old enough to help her in the kitchen with production of body products, I fell in love all over again with the gentle nature of the ingredients we used on our bodies. She taught me to draw plants, sew and embroider bath bags, make herbal sachets and pillows filled with dried herbs. We made creams, massage oils using essential oils, tinted lip balms, hair spray, hair rinses, soap, shampoo and conditioner. There were teas for every ailment, and arnica or comfrey salves for all our bumps and bruises.

At 15, I began studying Macrobiotics at The Kushi Institute in Becket, Ma where I was introduced to the healing powers of food. I learned to cook new foods, and how foods affect us on an energetic level, either creating health or sickness. I had the opportunity to study with some of the most renowned macrobiotic educators in the world, and live in a community of other students and teachers living this lifestyle. This early introduction and education made a very strong impact on me, and is still a large part of my life today.

After contemplating going to school to become a nurse, I realized my interests were strongly based in natural and holistic healing through dietary and lifestyle practices. I have studied continually throughout my adult life with some of the top experts in the world in areas of diet, positive psychology, women's health and much more. I felt my passion could be best used in the practice of massage therapy and holistic health coaching and that a hospital setting as a nurse would not align with my beliefs. I attended massage school in Pittsfield, Ma, graduating in 2006 to follow my passion for holistic health care. 

The Women in my family have definitely helped shape my work. To this energy, I bring a lifetime of experience with holistic care using food and herbal remedies to keep us healthy, 1100 hours of formal massage training, now celebrating 12 years in practice, a hands on macrobiotic education from the leading teachers in the world while living in community, the life changing health coach training program through IIN, experience as a mother of 4, having given birth naturally, medication free for all 4 of my beauties and an air of femininity, compassion and humor that are all my own. I have had the opportunity to work closely with many women looking to improve their health through dietary and lifestyle changes and currently I have landed right back in my hometown, practicing the healing arts with all my love, gratitude and compassion.

I invite you to visit me for a massage or a health coaching session. My strongest desire in my work is to help and inspire others to return to a simple way of life in which we first and foremost, honor ourselves with the best self care and alternative healing modalities. We cannot be of help to others until we begin the work on ourselves, and I am here to help facilitate that process.


Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule a session with me today and see what some simple changes can do for you!

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