Simple Miso Soup

Prep Time

5 minutes


4 cups spring or filtered water

1/2 inch piece of wakame sea vegetable

1 small dried shiitake mushroom

2-3 tbsp miso paste

1/4 cup organic tofu, diced into small cubes

1/4 cup diakon radish sliced into half moons (optional)

Fresh chives or scallions for garnish


Bring water to a boil with shiitake and wakame.

Add tofu and diakon. Simmer for 5-8 minutes or until diakon is beginning to soften.

Turn heat off and add miso paste. Stir to combine miso and break up any chunks.

***It is important NOT to boil your miso. It is alive with many beautiful probiotic cultures and they can be destroyed by overheating. Add miso at the end of cooking, and only allow a very light simmer if at all to retain the medicinal qualities of this amazing food.***