The Subtle Body

Energy is powerful stuff. There are many avenues to explore when it comes to energy work, and some things to consider when booking your session.


When stored energy is moved in the body, many things may come up in the days following your session. The work done during your visit is just the beginning! The days following a treatment may fill you with interesting symptoms. This is the process in which old energy and emotions are being brought to the surface and released. Once these are processed, you have created new space for health and healing, that can be used for positive new experiences!


A very important part of your work as the recipient of energy clearing, is to take a look at the thoughts, emotions, patterns and messages that may have contributed to feeling stuck or blocked. What led you to booking your session?What feelings are you experiencing that gave you the push to make that phone call for your appointment?


Before your session, it may help you to write down a couple things that you want to release. These can be physical, emotional or spiritual. The idea is to put some intention behind your energy healing session, so together with your practitioner, you may both send energy where needed.


In my practice, I work with the energy system through Reiki, craniosacral and chakra balancing. I scan the body for what can feel like density, color, temperature, vibration, and sometimes something just calls to me to be addressed. Energy work is quiet work. It is work that requires deeply listening to the subtle body.


In a session, I set my intention for your highest good. I ask for guidance and to be of the best service for you at this time. I am not the one doing the healing, rather facilitating YOUR healing. I use color and sound as my guides, and I let your body direct my flow.


It is important to understand that energy work does not cease when you get off the table and leave my office. Rather, this is just the beginning of the process by which energy is moved and cleared.


There are many things that may come up after your session. Feeling of euphoria, calm, bliss or a sensation of floating are quite common, as are feelings of fatigue, restlessness, overwhelm and sadness. This does not happen to everyone, but I have run the gamut of emotions during my training and studies of reiki, cranio sacral therapy, massage and the spiritual development work I've done. It has also been my experience after my own sessions with various practitioners. There may be tears, or hysterical laughter, kindness or even a bit of anger.


Whatever the experience is for you, it is important to be open to this, to allow these feelings and symptoms to be released. This is a wonderful time to practice some extra gentle self care to encourage the work you received to be fully assimilated.


Some things to try after a session to help this process:

Drinking more water or herbal teas



Walking outdoors in nature, barefoot if you can!

Avoid processed, heavy foods and alcohol

Sea salt baths

Uplifting, high frequency essential oils or those associated with grounding and spirituality

Get extra rest

Enjoy time by a fire. If you have written down intentions for your session, burning them in the fire afterwards can help signify the clearing and creation of space for new things to come.

Be gentle with yourself!


We have been taught to believe that energy that cannot be seen is less powerful than it truly is. Once we begin to look and feel the sometimes incredibly subtle energy that surrounds us, we can reconnect with our intuition and learn to use this as our north star, our internal guide, our compass.


If you are feeling less than great after a session, please know it does not mean your chosen practitioner has done something "wrong". What it does indicate is that you are releasing stored energy and emotions and detoxing them from your system at a much faster rate than normal. Some of these things could have been stored in your body and energy field for most of your life. This is actually a process that can and should be recognized and welcomed as your body and energy begin to readjust. It is ok to let this process happen and it is definitely encouraged to contact your practitioner for guidance, understanding and advice or to schedule a follow up session.


I do not encourage bouncing from one practitioner to another during the couple weeks after your session. This can be confusing for you as you are experiencing your clearing. Give a little time between practitioners so you may get the full benefits of the work we are doing.


Energy work is something everyone can benefit from. We all could use a helping hand and to release some of the things we are carrying that may no longer be serving us. The ultimate outcome of energy work is to lighten our load, free up some space and clear some thoughts to make way for a more positive outlook and outcome. Who doesn't need a bit of that?!





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