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7 Simple Ways to Get In More Exercise

You probably already know that physical activity is key to good health, but are you actually integrating movement into your daily routine? Read More

Lena Harrington LMT, INHC


Spring is here, and you'd never know it here in the Berkshires. We got 10 inches of snow Sunday into Monday, which is more than we've had all winter combined. The kids had their one and only snow day on Monday. In April!

March seemed to fly by, and was packed with reasons to celebrate here in our house. I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, my son turned 10, I hit the 10th anniversary of graduating from massage therapy school husband and I celebrated the 20th anniversary of our first date! It was a month full of fun and positive energy for us.

My only goal for March was to work on being present in each moment and let all of these great reasons to celebrate really sink in. I have always had a tendency to minimize and often overlook my accomplishments both personally and professionally. This time I consciously worked to change that. We took a weekend trip, ate out, drank champagne and delicious micro brew, gave gifts, spent time with family and talked a lot about where we came from and where we are going. It was such a great month!

These things are all such an important part of a balanced life. IIN refers to this as primary food, and what we are eating as secondary food. Some of our primary foods are spirituality, relationships, physical activity & career. When these things are in balance, life begins to feed you. I like to think of primary foods as our happiness generator. When these areas of life are full, healthy and in good order it's easy to be happy!

Setting goals for your overall health can and should include these areas of life that stretch far beyond the plate. What we eat will only take us so far, the rest is up to primary foods.

What do you do to rev up your happiness generator? Are you unsure how to find balance in some of these areas? A Integrative Nutrition health coach is trained to help you identify, define and refine what parts of life may need a wellness check up and help you create the action steps needed to propel you into a happy, balanced life! If you'd like more information and to schedule a free initial consultation, click here